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Gymnastics. Dance. Sports.

For over 28 years TriSkills has been delivering Gymnastics, Sports and Dance into Primary Schools throughtout Australia.

Gym Steps

Sporting Schools Approved!

GYMNASTICS Foundation - Year 7 GYM Steps is an enjoyable carefully sequenced progression of lessons that develops each student's ability to enjoy and perform movement sequences combining effort, space, objects and people. Student Achievement Certificates acknowledge learning of elements of movement and sequences for each year level F-7. They are a great record for students and teachers of the learning experiences that have progressively developed the physical competencies. GYM Steps is directly linked with the Australian HPE Curriculum & has unique student-proven classroom activities (Class Reflections) that enhance learning in Math, English and Science..

Dance Steps

Different Dance Styles!

DANCE Steps are an exciting sequence of fun lessons that develop the creative and expressive rhythmic movement abilities in students. They provide the opportunity to explore how movement can be composed and performed in response to a range of stimuli such as equipment, beats, sounds, images, words and themes. Achievement Certificates for each year level acknowledge the learning of rhythmic movement proficiencies in the students. They are a wonderful record of the development in each student of a rhythmic movement vocabulary as they explore and refine imaginative ways of moving both individually and corroboratively. DANCE Steps is linked directly with the Australian HPE and Dance Curriculum and has unique student proven classroom activities (Class reflections) that enhance learning in Math, English and Science.

Sports Steps

Fundamental Ball Skills

SPORTS Steps are motivating fun lessons designed to evoke joyful and playful involvement in students that enhances their natural tendency to play games. They provide the opportunity to develop and practice a wide range of fundamental ball, games and sports skills in different settings with a wide variety of modified equipment.
Achievement Certificates are awarded each year to the students to acknowledge the learning of games, ball and sports skills proficiencies.
SPORTS Steps is linked directly to the Australian HPE Curriculum and has unique student-proven classroom activities (Class Reflections) that enhance learning in Math, English and Science.


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